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VIDEO: Chinese man survives two strokes of lightning 03 мая 2011, 14:02

A video showing a Chinese man surviving after two strokes of lightning has been released.
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A video made by an outdoor surveillance camera has been released on the Internet. The video shows a man surviving two lightning strokes, The Daily Mail reports. The video shows the street walkers hurrying and hiding from rain. One of them gets hit by lightning. After the stroke he stays down for a minute without moving. Then he gets up and starts to walk, but after covering less than a meter he is struck by lightning of the second time. After the second stroke the man again manages to get up again and walk away. According to statistics, the probability of one and the same person being hit by two lightning strokes in one year is 1 against 700,000. The probability of a lightning hitting the same person twice in a few minutes is practically zero. Many Internet users are insisting that the video has been edited, because there are no rain drops. But experts say that the case is quite realistic. Only ten percent of people die from lightning strokes.

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