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Kuzbass Yeti moves to Kazakhstan 01 февраля 2014, 17:22

A Kazakh shepherd recorded the voice of a Big Foot from Kuzbass.
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Yeti footprints. ©kuzbass85.ru Yeti footprints. ©kuzbass85.ru
Kazakhstan may have become a wondering ground of Kuzbass Yeti. It has been repeatedly spotted by local shepherds, Tengrinews reports referring to the Kuzbass newspaper. One of the shepherds, a Kazakh farmer named Islam who has 500 sheep, repeatedly saw the Yeti and even managed to record its voice on his cell phone. He gave the audio to the Russia scientists who are studying the strange occurrences. According to the director of the International Center of Gominology (the science that studies manifestations of gominoids (Big Feet)) Igor Burtsev, this audio record is the first one made in the post soviet space. He believes that this particular Yeti moved to Kazakhstan from Kemerov Oblats, Russia, where he was seen many times before. Some time before the encounter in Kazakhstan, the Institute had a St. Petersburg lab make a DNA test of a haslock discovered in the Azassk Cave (Tashtagol region of Kemerov Oblast) in Russia where the Yeti supposedly dwelt for some time. The scientists confirmed that the fur belonged to an animal, not a human. But could not identify the animal. It was neither a bear or a wolf or any other known inhabitant of the region. The witness from Kazakhstan said that when he saw the Yeti for the first time he got so scared that wanted to ran away, but the Big Foot did not spot him and walked away into the thicket. After that the shepherd started bringing bread and leaving it at an old tree so that he could watch from the roof of his shed when the Yeti comes back for the treats. After several occasions he decided to try and make an audio record. He left his cell phone with its audio recorder on near the 'feeding place' of the strange visitor and got this audio track.
"I was shocked! I sent the recording to two cryptolinguists and they returned with two opposite opinions. In addition I contacted two other witnesses of Big Feet - one from the United States and one Russia - and both of them confirmed that the sounds were very similar to the ones they heard," Igor Burtsev said.

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