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Cost of most expensive dog haircuts in Almaty unveiled 16 июля 2012, 18:20

The most expensive dog haircut costs 15 thousand tenge ($100) in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
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The most expensive dog haircut costs 15 thousand tenge ($100) in Almaty, head of one of Almaty animal care network Olga Shernyshova told Tengrinews.kz. According to Chernyshova, there are many types of haircuts for dogs, more than for humans. A complex dog haircut includes: cutting hair and claws, cleaning ears, brushing teeth, two washing sessions and application of anti-flea and anti-mite agents. “The most expensive haircut costs 15 thousand tenge and is made to Black Terrier. This is the biggest dog. It weighs around 45 kg. Of course, there are dogs of 70kg, but their hair is only combed, not cut,” Chernyshova said. Besides, she told that the complex haircut of Black Terrier takes around 3 hours. Most of the time is spend on shaving the neb and combing the mats. However, the timing does not affect the price, according to Chernyshova. The animal’s weight is the main factor in the pricing. The second most expensive haircut is the one for Chow dogs: 10 thousand tenge ($68). “This dog is fairly small, but it has a thick hair that is very difficult to cut,” Chernyshova explained. A haircut for Central Asian Shepherd dog is the third most expensive in Almaty; it costs 8 thousand tenge ($54). However, these dogs are brought to the salons very rarely: less than 5 times a year. “They stay as they are. They are not washed or combed. They cast their coat themselves,” the expert said. Chernyshova also noted that besides dogs Almaty citizens also bring their cats to the animal care salons, but less frequently: once every six months. The cost of a cat haircut is usually less than the one for dogs: around 5.5 thousand tenge ($37). By Arman Baimukhanov

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