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A ball of unknown origin discovered in western Kazakhstan 09 июня 2011, 14:30

50cm-diameter ball with signs of passing through lower atmosphere layers has been found in West Kazakhstan Oblast.
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Photo courtesy of pc-walls.ru Photo courtesy of pc-walls.ru
50cm-diameter ball with signs of passing lower layers of atmosphere has been found in West-Kazakhstan oblast, Express K writes. The ball was found not far from Gremyachego village during spring field works. In their attempt to find out what the ball is made of, local citizens tried to saw it, but didn't manage to make even a single scratch on the ball. Local Emergency Situations Department got interested in the "guest from space". The Department's experts made necessary measurements taking all the needed safety precautions. Radiation background turned out to be normal. Most probably the the discovery will be identified as a detail of a low-orbiting spacecraft. As per the Department, they have already discovered similar objects two years ago in Razdolnoye village. “Who knows? What if it's an aliens' space buoy? A well-known medium Bakhyt Zhumatova said that pretty soon humans will meet civilizations from the outer space,” locals say.

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