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30 Chinese employees of Sinopec had a fight in dormitory in Atyrau 15 августа 2012, 12:06

30 Chinese citizens working for Sinopec had a fight in a dormitory in Atyrau.
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Sinopec logo. ©REUTERS Sinopec logo. ©REUTERS
30 Chinese citizens working in Sinopec had a fight in a dormitory in Atyrau, KazTAG reports citing head of the press-service of Atyrau oblast Interior Department Gulnazira Mukhtarova. “On August 13 around 30 Chinese citizens had a fight in a dormitory located at Dossorskaya street. The conflict was caused by some household issues. Armed police was dispatched to the site. The initiator is being identified,” Mukhtarova said. According to her, 4 Chinese applied for medical aide after the fight but did not need hospitalization. According to Interior Department, the Chinese citizens are employees of Sinopec company that is working on reconstruction of Atyrau oil refinery. “According to our information, all employees are now at their work places,” Mukhtarova said.

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