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Water polo: Legendary coach Pivovarov will train Kazakhstan national women team 07 сентября 2012, 11:42

Saken Mussaibekov, Kazakhstan Water Polo Federation president, spoke about the situation in Kazakhstan national women water polo team.
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Photo courtesy of fina.org Photo courtesy of fina.org
Stanislav Pivovarov, Merited Coach of the USSR and famous Dynamo - Alma-Ata Water Polo Club coach will start training Kazakhstan national women water polo team, Tengrinews.kz reports, referring to Saken Mussaibekov, Kazakhstan Water Polo Federation president. According to him, Kazakhstan's national women water polo team is going through a difficult time. “It lacks good coaches. We wanted to hire a foreign coach for the women water polo team, but we failed. However, we have obtained a firm agreement that Stanislav Pivovarov, A legend of Kazakhstan water polo, is returning to our Club. He is a very good coach, where as our water polo girls are experiencing problems now. Chinese team beats us in Asia, they’ve got a very strong squad. Our goal is to regain our positions before the Asian Championship,” Mussaibekov said. The President of the Federation told about the reasons why the Federation invited legionnaires to play for the national team. Only a little over a half of the team's line-up is made of Kazakhstan athletes now while the other half is represented by legionnaires. Mussaibekov said that this proportion has helped the Kazakhstan team increase its proficiency. “7 water polo players out of 13 are Kazakhstan athletes; they are Kazakhstan sport schools graduates. Other players have been invited from other countries. We have to attract foreign players; besides, our water polo players benefit from working with them a lot. The legionnaires that we have purchased for the team are among the best players in the world. They are highly professional players. By playing in our team they teach our athletes a lot and help them improve their skills. The Federation believes that this step is justified. This is the only way for us for the time being,” he said.

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