Tennis: Kazakhstan's Kukushkin wins semifinals, but looses Kremlin Cup finals

21 october 2013, 15:10
Mikhail Kukushkin has become the first Kazakhstan's tennis professional to reach the men's singles finals of the Kremlin Cup. He says that his extremely strong desire to win was the key to his success, reports.

Mikhail Kukushkin, 25, played against Seppi Andreas from Italy in the semi-finals on October 19 and won with the score of 6:1, 1:6, 6:4.

"I came to the tournament in a very good shape, I trained hard and persistently before the Kremlin Cup. I passed the qualification successfully, got lucky with the bracket, had a good feel of the court and had the game going. What concerns my semi-final match, I guess in the end I had a stronger wish to win that my rival did. He is used to advancing so far into tournaments, but it looked nothing routine for me. That is why my desire to win was going through the ceiling. Somethings it didn't help my playing, but in general, I believe, it was what decided the outcome of the match," the Kazakhstan tennis player said.

Kukushkin failed to win over French Richard Gasquet in the final match that ended with the score of 6:4, 4:6, and 4:6. The match lasted for 2 hour and 24 minutes and took place on the last day of the tournament on October 20.

In the third decisive set when the score was 3:3 Kukuskin won a break point and shot forward, but after that Gasquet won three rallies in a row and finished the set victorious.

This was the third ATP title for Gasquet in his career and the third one this season.

The prestigious ATP tournament took place at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow, Russia on October 12-20. The prize pool of the tournament Kremlin Cup made $800 thousand.

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