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Scotchmen and robots dived into swimming pool at Shymbulak 17 апреля 2013, 17:38

More than fifty extreme sports enthusiasts jumped and dived at Shymbulak on April 6.
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Red Bull Jump and Freeze Ski and Snowboard Jumping into a Swimming Pool Contest. ©Vladimir Prokopenko Red Bull Jump and Freeze Ski and Snowboard Jumping into a Swimming Pool Contest. ©Vladimir Prokopenko
Red Bull Jump and Freeze Ski and Snowboard Jumping into a Swimming Pool Contest was held at Shymbulak Ski Resort for the first time in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports. More than fifty extreme sports enthusiasts took part in a unique snow-water Fan-Contest for the most wild jumpers. Jump and Dive on April 6. The main task for the fearless participants was to make the most impressive and unusual costume, slide downhill and jump performing a fascinating stunt. The participants landed into a swimming pool instead of a solid ground, that’s why they all fearlessly tried to perform the most incredible stunts. Some of the participants created their costumes beforehand and started making them several months in advance. Skiers and snowboarders’ fantasy knew no boundaries: zombies, mummies, Aladdins, different animals, knights, robots, fairytale characters and even military vehicles occupied the slope. Every performance was judged by three criteria: costume, stunt and general impression. The participants had only one attempt, so everyone started performing even before sliding downhill. The participants were changing their clothes in motion, putting on different acts, performing as a team – they were doing everything to strike a spark out of the audience. Three riders from the Scotchmen Team slid downhill in skirts with a smoke candle and another team of participants constructed an armored vehicle and tried to slide down hiding in it. The jurymen preferred 10-y.o. Josef Gussev. Young snowboarder performed in a costume of a shark and even did a back somersault. “We have hand-tailored my costume beforehand. When I dived into water, I felt like paralyzed. I couldn’t even say anything after my jump. I wished I would take part in this contest long ago and I promised my sister that I would win a watch for her. But she won the contest herself. She was awarded for the best costume and she was a ladybird,” said the winner. The jurymen also awarded the most reckless stunt man: Aleksandr Slobodenyuk dressed as a Superman made the longest jump and his mantle fluttering behind him. By Vladimir Prokopenko

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