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No Sochi Olympic Games for Kazakhstan hockey team 11 февраля 2013, 21:04

Latvia’s team has qualified for the Olympics after the qualification tournament that was held in Riga; Kazakhstan was ranked second.
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Kazakhstan national hockey team. ©Vesti.kz Kazakhstan national hockey team. ©Vesti.kz
The national hockey team of Kazakhstan won’t be taking part in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Kazakhstan hockey players were ranked in the qualification tournament that was held in Riga, Latvia on February 7-10, Tengrinews.kz reports. The French and British teams were ranked third and forth correspondingly. Kazakhstan's hockey team, coached by Vladimir Krikunov, won their first match against France and then yielded to the Latvian team. Finally, Kazakhstan beat the British team in their third match. The fate of Kazakhstan team was decided in the last match, where the Latviam team played against France. If France had won, Kazakhstan would have become the subgroup winner and would have gained the only Olympic spot that was available for the subgroup. But the playing-time of the match was over and the score was even 2:2, Vesti.kz reported. And when the French team delivered a puck in the overtime it made no difference to the score of the match. All the Latvian team needed was to score only one point to win the first place and to qualify for the Olympics. They could even afford to lose in the shoot-outs or in the overtime. If the French team had won with a two puck difference than they would have become the winners of the subgroup. And if they had beat the Latvia’s team with a one puck difference, than the Kazakhstan team would have traveled to Sochi to compete in the Olympics. Since the French-Latvian score was even during the playing-time of the match, the Latvian team qualified for the Olympics.

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