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New boxers, new Olympic managers for Astana Arlans in 5th Season of WSB 29 декабря 2014, 17:44

The Kazakhstani boxing club Astana Arlans has presented the team members of the new season at the AIBA World Boxing Academy in Almaty.
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Vasiliy Levit and Serik Sapiev. Photo © astanaarlans.kz Vasiliy Levit and Serik Sapiev. Photo © astanaarlans.kz

The 5th season of the World Series Boxing opens in January 2015. The Kazakhstani boxing club Astana Arlans has presented the team members of the new season at the AIBA World Boxing Academy in Almaty, Tengrinews reports citing Vesti.kz.

The team does not only have new boxers signed up with the club but also new managers. Now former General Director and the mastermind behind one of the most successful boxing teams in the WSB Bolat Mankenov resigned from his position after 5 years of dedicated hard work. Sergey Korchinsky, the Head Coach of the Wolves resigned right after Mankenov. The team welcomed the Olympic London welterweight champion Serik Sapiev as the new General Director and Marat Dzhakipov as the Head Coach.

Bolat Mankenov and the new General Director of the Astana Arlans Serik Sapiyev. Photo © astanaarlans.kz

Yuriy Melnichenko of the Astana Presidential Sports Club opened the press conference. “We want to express our deepest gratitude to the former management of the club, in particular to the General Director Bolat Mankenov for his hard work. Thanks to the work of the management the Astana Arlans has become one of the best clubs in the world, the winner of the WSB championships and the winner of the third season. We also want to thank Sergey Korchinsky, one of the leading coaches in the world for the work he has done,” Melnichenko said.

The new General Director Serik Sapiev, 31, has recently returned to Kazakhstan after completing his studies at the Brunel University in London on a Bolashak Presidential Scholarship.

“I was invited to start working with the Astana Arlans while I was in London completing my internship in sports management. I said, yes. I hope to bring good results. I want to wish good luck to the boxers. I have trained with some of them myself, so I know boxing from the inside. Also, I wanted to thank Bolat Mankenov for achieving great results throughout all seasons. We aim at a productive year in the new season with the new management team,” Sapiev said.

The Astana Arlans has new boxers who joined in the 5th seasons of the WSB. Zhomar Yerzhan (-49 kg), Nursultan Koshegulov (-56 kg), Yerzhan Musafirov (-60 kg), Bekbolat Kuramysov (-64 kg), Daniyar Yeleussinov (-69 kg), Aslanbek Shymbergenov (-69 kg), Kanagat Maralov (-69 kg), Zhanibek Alimkhanuly (-75 kg), Aidos Yerbolsynuly (-75 kg), Ali Akhmedov (-81 kg), Almat Serimov (-91 kg) and Ivan Dychko (+91 kg).

Serik Sapiyev and Meirim Nursultanov. Photo © astanaarlans.kz

A talented debutant of the 4th season Meirim Nursultanov went up in the weight category from welterweight (-69 kg) to middleweight (-75 kg). Also, boxers from the Kazakhstan’s National Team Yeleussinov, Alimkhanuly and Dychko joined the Astana Arlans officially. The AIBA World Champion Yeleusinov along with other boxers from the National Team fought for the Arlans in the 4th season against the Poland Hussars. The Wolves defeated the Hussars 4:1. Meanwhile, the superstar debutant of the 4th season Vasiliy Levit has fully recovered after a knee surgery. Undefeated Levit had 6 victories in his first seasons with the Wolves.

The Wolves are in the Group B with Baku Fires from Azerbaijan, the Italian Thunder Boxing Team, Argentina Condors, USA Knockouts, Caciques Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Rafako Hussars Poland.

The first fight of the 5th season is scheduled to January 17 against the Caciques Venezuela, newcomers from Venezuela. In week 2, the Astana Arlans meet with Rafako Hussars Poland in Lubin, Poland on January 23.

The Astana Arlans boxing club. Photo © astanaarlans.kz 

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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