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Maksut Zhumayev proposes to develop ice climbing in Kazakhstan 07 марта 2014, 16:57

We should start promoting ice climbing in Kazakhstan: world famous mountain climber Maksut Zhumayev.
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Maksut Zhumayev. ©Yaroslav Radlovsky Maksut Zhumayev. ©Yaroslav Radlovsky
We should start to promote ice climbing in Kazakhstan this year already, Maksut Zhumayev, a world famous mountain climber from Kazakhstan, told Tengrinews. Zhumayev is the first Kazakh who conquered all the 14 eight-thousanders, independent mountains on the Earth that are more than 8,000 meters (26,247 ft) high above sea level. He became the 27th member of Quest 14 and the world’s 12th alpinist who climbed the eight-thousanders without using supplemental oxygen. After visiting the ice climbing festival in the Olympic Park in Sochi Zhumayev has become even more convinced that now is the time to start developing this branch of climbing sports in Kazakhstan. According to him, there is a high chance that ice climbing will be officially included into the program of the next Winter Olympics in South Korea, because the hosting country has a right to add three new sports to the games. And South Korea as well as Russia is one of the favourites in this sport. Zhumayev proposes to establish the Ice Climbing Federation of Kazakhstan or create the Ice Climbing Committee in the Mountaineering and Climbing Federation of Kazakhstan and start recruiting and training sportsmen. There are a lot of talented alpinists in Kazakhstan and there are plenty of natural places for the trainings in Almaty. And to make the sport more widely spread in Kazakhstan, artificial ice climbing sites could be created in other Kazakhstan cities that don't have mountains nearby. According to Zhumayev, if we start working on it now, Kazakh ice climbers may be ready to represent their country in ice climbing in PyeongChang Olympics 2018. "I'm sure that this sport is going to have a lot of followers in Kazakstan, especially if ice climbing becomes an Olympic sport, we can't lose any more time. (...) Almaty has excellent chances of winning the bid of host the 24th Winter Olympics in 2022. By that time we must be among the countries who have a good claim for medals in ice climbing," Zhumayev said. The climber has already told about his idea to the President of the National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan Temirkhan Dosmukhambetov. The talks took place during the Olympics in Sochi. Zhumayev pointed out that this year the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation was planning to request the International Olympic Committee to include the ice climbing into the list of permanent sport disciplines of Winter Olympics. He is sure that Almaty could become a perfect hub for ice climbing in Kazakhstan. Maksut Zhumayev is Kazakhstan’s famous alpinist. He is the captain of national mountaineering team of Kazakhstan, merited master of mountaineering, multiple champion and prize holder of Kazakhstan mountaineering competitions in high altitude class. He is a winner of the Open Mountaineering Championship in high altitude class among post-Soviet countries in 2001 and 2003. By Vladimir Prokopenko

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