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Lightning fast little nereid goddess from Kazakhstan: 8 y.o. boxing genius Evnika Saadvakassova 29 апреля 2015, 01:41

Evnika Saadvakassova, a super fast child boxer from Kazakhstan, has once again surprised YouTube viewers with her sleek and swift moves
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Evnika Saadvakassova with her father. Evnika Saadvakassova with her father.

Evnika Saadvakassova has once again surprised YouTube viewers with her sleek and swift moves, Tegrinews reports citing Express K.

At the age of 5, Evnika was named the Fastest Girl from Kazakhstan throwing almost 100 punches in less than two minutes. The little girl showcased admirable technique in boxing and speed. The video got over 2 million views.

On April 17, Evnika’s father Ruslan posted a new video. In the video the 8 y.o. Pavlodar native sports braids and boxing gloves. Evnika demonstrated her improved boxing technique. She is faster. She is more accurate. Evnika is simply brilliant.

“Specialists say that Evnika has a richer variety of punches than some professional boxer. She has never participated in sparring sessions. I taught all my children how to box, but they will not go in the ring before they turn 15. That’s my training method. Otherwise a child might get psychologically traumatized,” the father said.

Evnika’s 15 y.o. sister Anzha has recently competed in the Kung Fu World Championship in Russia. Anzha won a bronze medal at her first ever competition.

The trainer Ruslan Saadvakassov named his five children after ancient goddesses and Japanese aboriginal people. Evnika was named after one of the nereids in the Greek mythology. Daughters Adelaida, Khatshepsut, Selyavira, Anzha and the son Ainzi Makasiy along with Evnika have been training with their father.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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