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Kazakhstan Paralympic athletes depart for London on August 22 14 августа 2012, 13:24

Kazakhstan Paralympic winners will get money prizes of $50,000 for gold, $35,000 for silver and $25,000 for bronze medals.
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Sayat Kukebayev, a Disabled Athletes Department’s official under the Agency of Sport and Physical Education, has shared the names of the most promising Kazakhstan Paralympic athletes who are expected to win London Paralympics medals with Tengrinews.kz. “It is expected that Islam Salimov and Sergey Kharlamov can win awards in jumps, Zulfiya Gabidullina and Anuar Akhmetov can gain medals in swimming. Other Paralympic athletes are also expected to yield good results,” Kukebayev said. According to the expert, the athletes have been specially training for the Paralympic Games since April. The athletes are taking some rest at present starting from August 13 till their departure for London that is scheduled for August 22. Paralympic winners will get money prizes of $50,000 for a gold medal, $35,000 for a silver medal and $25,000 for a bronze one. The athletes, who will come 4th, 5th and 6th will also get money prizes worth $14,000, $6,000 and $4,000 correspondingly. The 2012 Summer Paralympic Games will be held on August 29 – September 9 in London. More than 4000 athletes will arrive to take part in the Games. 502 medals in 20 sports will be up for taking at the Paralympic Games.

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