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Kazakhstan Junior National Team won 19 gold medals in Yakutiya 29 июля 2012, 18:02

Kazakhstan junior national team has successfully performed at the 5th International Sports Games- Children of Asia 2012.
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Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan Sport and Physical education Agency Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan Sport and Physical education Agency
Kazakhstan junior national team won 19 gold medals at the 5th International Sports Games Children of Asia 2012 that was held in Yakutiya, Russia, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Malik Sapashev, deputy director of the High Performance Sport Department of the Agency of Sport and Physical Education as saying at the official press-conference. “Kazakhstan sports delegation has successfully performed at these Games and came second after Russian national team overall. Kazakhstan team has taken part in 15 sports. Kazakhstan's delegation consisted of 137 participants, including 92 athletes and 28 coaches. Our team gained 70 medals, including 19 gold, 16 silver and 35 bronze ones,” Malik Sapashev said. According to Sapashev, young athletes of Kazakhstan achieved the best results in track-and-field athletics winning 5 gold medals, in boxing and judo (4 gold medals), free-style wrestling (3 gold medals), sambo (unarmed self-defense) with 2 gold medals and in rhythmic gymnastics (one gold medal). Kazakhstan team has taken part in 15 sport events out of 20, including boxing, volleyball, free-style wrestling, judo, track-and-field athletics (including Yakutian national jumps), mas wrestling (stick-wrestling, traditional Yakutian sport) swimming, shooting sports, sambo, gymnastics, archery, taekwondo and rhythmic gymnastics. Aigerim Abilkadirova, 16-y.o. judo champion, who has been training for eleven years, said that she decided to devote her life to sport, become a world champion and win gold in the Olympics. “It was very interesting to participate in the tournament; there were a lot of young athletes from different countries. The organizers arrange a sightseeing tour for us, and it is very beautiful in Yakutiya. I liked Olympic village most of all, we stayed there all together.” According to Aigerim, she met new friends thanks to these Games and now she enjoys talking to them via the Internet.” The 5th Children of Asia International Sports Games was held in three Yakutian cities – Yakutsk, Mirny and Neryungri - on July 4-15. More than 2 thousand athletes from 27 countries, who won more than 600 medals in 20 sports, took part in the Games.

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