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Kazakhstan is third among countries with most generous Olympic money prizes 07 августа 2012, 12:46

Kazakhstan will award its Olympic champions with $250,000, silver prize-winners with $150,000 and bronze prize-winners with $75,000.
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Kazakhstan is ranked third among the countries that will award its prize-winning 2012 London Olympic Games athletes with the most generous money prizes, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Vesti.kz. According to the media, Georgia will award its athletes with the biggest money prizes. Georgian Olympic champions will get $1.2 million and silver- and bronze-winners will get $30,000 and $20,000 correspondingly. Azerbaijan is in the second place by the size of its money prizes. Azerbaijan’s gold-winning athletes will get $510 thousand. The athletes who will gain silver and bronze medals will get $255 thousand and $128 thousand correspondingly. Kazakhstan is in the third place with $250 thousand for Olympic gold, $150 thousand for silver and $75 thousand for bronze medals. Five more post-Soviet countries: Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine are also part of the Top-10 list of the biggest money prizes. German athletes will get the smallest prizes: Olympic champion will get $18,300, silver medal winners - $12,300 and bronze medal winners – $9,200.

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