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Kazakhstan hockey team wins silver at Universiade 23 декабря 2013, 18:42

The Kazakhstan hockey team has won a silver medal at the Universiade in Tretino after losing to the Canadian hockey team in the final.
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Photo a courtesy of universiadetrentino.org Photo a courtesy of universiadetrentino.org
The Kazakhstan hockey team won a silver medal at the Universiade in Tretino after losing to the Canadian hockey team in the final game, Tengrinews reports citing Vesti.kz. The Canadian team that lost to Kazakhstan 4:2 in the preliminaries and had to get even with their Central Asian opponents. The Kazakhstan team had a great start of the final game after Alexander Shin scored the fastest goal of the 2013 Universiade scoring 14 second into the match with Evgeniy Rymarev’s assist. But the Canadians were ready to fight back this time and Mike Cazzola answered with two impressive goals between the 4th and 8th minutes of the match. The Kazakh team tried to regain the lead in the second period, but started making mistakes. Lack of discipline resulted in penalties for Kazakhstan. And the Canadian team was not letting go of their chance to win the gold: Chris Culligan and Nick Macneil scored two more goals. The third period was a tough one for both teams. Huge Georgi Petrov of the Kazakhstan put up a fight against fast Chris Desousa of the Canadian team. Both the chief coach Vladimir Pluchshev and his assistant coach Andrey Psarev were expelled, the Kazakh hockey players had to finish the match without their coach. At 48:32, the Canadians scored their final goal against Kazakhstan bringing the score to 6:2. In the semifinals, the Kazakh team smashed the USA team 5:1. The Canadians won over the Russian team to meet with the Kazakhstan hockey team in the finals. The Russian Hockey team won the USA and got the bronze medal at the Universiade. Kazakhstan won the total of 5 medals at the Universiade. The other four it got thanks to its skiers.

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