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Kazakhstan canoe team brings 3 gold: Asian Games 29 сентября 2014, 21:04

Kazakhstan’s canoe team won three gold medals in Incheon at the Asian Games.
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Photo courtesy of Vesti.kz Photo courtesy of Vesti.kz

Kazakhstan’s’ canoe team has won three gold medals in Incheon at the Asian Games, Tengrinews reports citing Vesti.kz.

Yevgenyi Alexeyev and Alexey Dergunov won the gold in the Kayak Double (K2) 1000m Men. The Kazakhstanis finished 3.578 seconds earlier than the Iranian team and 5.038 seconds before the Chinese team.

Ilya Golendov, Daulet Sultanbekov, Andrey Erguchov and Alexandr Yemelyanenko won another gold in the Kayak Four (K4) 1000m Men. The Kazakhstani team was followed by the Chinese team 3.978 seconds later and by the Uzbek team 4.423 seconds later.

Brothers Mikhail and Timofey Yemelyanovs won the gold in the Canoe Double (C2) 1000m Men. Yemelyanovs finished 1.314 seconds before the Chinese team and 2.714 seconds before the Uzbek team.

So far, Kazakhstan has 47 medals: 12 gold, 13 silver and 21 bronze.

By Gyuzel Kamalova 


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