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Kashechkin: Vinokourov's era is over 29 августа 2011, 14:59

Andrey Kashechkin says he has no disputes with the team’s former leader Aleksander Vinokourov.
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Andrey Kashechkin. ©REUTERS/Robert Pratta Andrey Kashechkin. ©REUTERS/Robert Pratta
Kazakhstan cyclist Andrey Kashechkin who has been representing Astana national team recently, have stated that he has no disputes with the team’s former leader Aleksander Vinokourov. However, he thinks that Vinokourov’s era is gone, RMCSport reports. After Vinokourov got a thigh fracture in a crash at one of the stages of Tour de France, the team’s management “fired” him to create a vacancy for Kashechkin. Vinokourov recently said that he was disappointed with the actions of Astana, because the team had not terminated his contract. “He was a great champion. He finished his career after the crash with injury at Tour de France. I understand his disappointment, but his career is over. He has to turn the page. Anyway, there was not betrayal either from my side or from the side of the team,” Kashechkin said. Kazakhstan cyclist also shared his plans for the nearest time: “I signed a contract for 2.5 years. Tour de France is my goal. We are planning to create a team around me for 2012 or 2013. That’s why Stefan Bermon came to the team with me. He is an expert in sports medicine and surgery from Monaco.” These days Kazshechkin is taking part in Vuelta, one of the most prestigious races of the season. After seven stages Kazakhstan cyclist is ranked 91st being 38 minutes and 32 seconds behind the leader. Before the beginning of the race Kashechkin promised to get into top five. He still has 14 stages of the race ahead of him.

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