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Ice Hockey: Kazakhstan youth team wins World Junior Championship 23 апреля 2013, 16:42

Kazakhstan national team won all matches of the Championship and was ranked first overall. ВИДЕО В НОВОСТИ!
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Photo courtesy of  iihf.com Photo courtesy of iihf.com
The national youth ice hockey team of Kazakhstan has advanced into the World Championship Division I Group A, Vesti.kz reports. The Kazakhstan hockey players won over the Japanese team that also had good chances of advancing into the Group A in the final match with the score of 6:5. The Kazakhstan team got a comfortable advantage winning the first period of the match with the score of 4:1. The second period of the match ended with the score of 2:1 in favor of the Japanese team. The result of the third period was the same (2:1), but the advantage in the first match game the Kazakhstan team the victory by the final score. Sergey Stukalov, Nikita Mikhailis (delivered two pucks), Semen Koshelev, Stanislav Zinchenko and Ivan Kinstler hit Japanese gates during the match. As the result, the Kazakhstan national team won all the matches of the Championship in Group B and was ranked first overall. The results of all games of the tournament are available here.

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