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Ice Hockey: Kazakhstan team won over Austria in penalty shootout 17 апреля 2013, 17:42

Kazakhstan's Fyodor Polishuk delivered the game-breaking puck into the Austrian gates in the penalty shoot-out.
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Kazakhstan ice hockey team won over the Austrian team in the first friendly match prior to the World Championship, Vesti.kz reports. The match was held in Innsbruck, Austria. Both teams hit the ground running. The Kazakhstan team delivered the first puck at the fourth minute of the match. Kazakhstan’s Konstantin Romanov was the goal scorer. Then Austria’s Andreas Kristler and Patrick Harand delivered two pucks into Kazakhstan’s gates in one eighth of a minute. The Kazakhstan team managed to even the score only in the end of the second period and Fyodor Polishuk was the player, who delivered the puck. Konstantin Savenkov’s puck sent Kazakhstan’s team 3:2 at the 6th minute of the third period. But the Austrian players delivered one more puck and the match continued in overtime that ended in a draw. Kazakhstan’s team was more successful than their rivals in the penalty shootout. Fyodor Polishuk delivered the game-breaking puck. As the result Kazakhstan’s team won with the score of 4:3.

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