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Guzel Manyurova promised to win gold in Rio de Janeiro 21 августа 2012, 10:41

Kazakhstan female wrestler Guzel Manyurova has shared her future plans and promised to win gold in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.
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Kazakhstan female wrestler Guzel Manyurova, who won bronze in free style wrestling at the Olympics, is planning to win gold in Rio de Janeiro, Tengrinews.kz reports. “Every athlete is a maximalist and wants gold. My performance is a result of my trainings. I won bronze and not gold, it means that I have something yet to achieve and I have a direction to move in. I still have a chance to grow professionally. I am going to train and I think Rio de Janeiro will add a gold medal to my collection. I am going to work on this. I am looking forward to competing at the World Championship in September. I will take a rest sometime prior to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics; my coaches will advise me on this later. A lot of people were cheering me up during the Olympics, there are so many positive emotions, and everybody is welcoming me so warmly. I don’t want to rest at present. All these people give me strength to keep training,” Manyurova said. “I won’t reveal all my secrets. You’ll see everything on your own. This was a long-awaited meeting. All my trainings, all my efforts and my victories are worth these moments and worth hearing the President congratulating you. When the whole country welcomes you, and you can feel this support, this love, it stands very high for me. Thanks a lot to those who cheer for the athletes, who support them. It means a lot for us,” Manyurova added.

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