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Football: Kazakhstan tied with Austria 15 октября 2012, 14:30

Kazakhstan scored one point in the qualifying round by playing draw against Austria.
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Kazakhstan football team has tied with Austria at home as part of the World Championship qualifying round, Vesti.kz Kazakhstan sports website reports. Austrian players started the match with a massive attack hoping for a quick goal. However, Kazakhstan's team defenders managed to repel their attacks. Andrey Sidelnikov of Kazakhstan team distinguished himself by saving at least four goals. Kazakhstan footballer Ulan Konysbayev had a good chance to become the team's second hero and score a goal, but his own bustle spoiled his chances. The young halfback was alone in front of an empty gate, but he was so exited that his leg failed to connect with the ball. Kazakhstan's Tanat Nusserbayev also had a chance to distinguish himself in the beginning of the second half, but his solo raid was disrupted with Sebastian Prödl's leg-split. The match was steadily drawing towards a goalless tie, that looked a fair enough outcome. Tall Austrians kept attacking and Kazakhstan team kept defending. Zlatko Junuzovic almost scored in the very end of the match, when his teammates created a pass for him into the gate, but he missed out. The match ended in a goalless draw 0:0. Kazakhstan scored it first point in the qualifying round. The Kazakhstan team will play against Austria in Vienna on October 16.

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