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Football: Celtic's coach hails victory over Shakhter as greatest moment of his life 30 августа 2013, 21:10

The chief coach of Scottish football club Neil Lennon hailed Celtic's dramatic 3-0 win over Kazakhstan's Shakhter the greatest moment of his life.
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Photo courtesy of SNS Group Photo courtesy of SNS Group
The chief coach of Scottish football club Neil Lennon has hailed Celtic's dramatic 3-0 victory over Kazakhstan's Shakhter in the second leg match of the UEFA Champion League play-off round the greatest moment of his life, Vesti.kz reports. "This is the greatest night of my footballing life. I've just got a huge feeling of relief but a huge feeling of pride, I don't want to go through this again! I know it doesn't mean a lot in the footballing world but what we've come through in the last six or seven weeks has been really difficult and to achieve more or less I think the impossible tonight, speaks volumes for the players in that dressing room and my backroom staff - they've been planning this for a long, long time," Lennon said. Victor Kumykov, chief coach of Kazakhstan club Shakhter of Karaganda city, said that it was a shame to miss a goal in the added time. But his footballers played against a very good team, the team of a much higher class. "There were chances when we could have scored a goal and then everything would have gone a different way for us. But this is football. Now we will be playing in the UEFA Europe League," he said. The second leg match between Shakhter and Celtic was held at the Celtic Park stadium in Glasgow on August 29 and ended with the score of 0:3. The first leg match in Astana ended with the score of 2:0 in the Kazakhstan club's favor. The winning goal was scored by the Scottish club in the 92th minute, during the added time. And the Scottish football club advanced to the group stage of the UEFA Champion League.

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