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Coach Beranek leaves Kazakhstan National Football team 10 января 2014, 17:57

Miroslav Beranek, 56 has left the position of the Chief Coach of the Kazakhstan National Football Team.
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Miroslav Beranek. Photo a courtesy of Football Federation of Kazakhstan Miroslav Beranek. Photo a courtesy of Football Federation of Kazakhstan
Miroslav Beranek, 56 has left the position of the Chief Coach in the Kazakhstan National Football Team, Tengrinews reports, citing the Kazakhstan Football Federation. The contract of the 52 y.o Czech coach expired on December 31, 2013. The Football Federation of Kazakhstan (FFK) promised to get a new coach in the nearest future, but gave on hint on the possible candidates for the position. Miroslav Beranek started working with the national team in 2011. He replaced his predecessor German coach Bernard Stork (2009-2010). Commenting his resignation Beranek said that he did not regret working with the Kazakhstan National Football Team. “My relations with the Football Federation of Kazakhstan have come to an end. I viewed the invitation to work with the Kazakhstan national team as a new and interesting challenge and I have not regretted my decision even once. During my work in your country a lot was going on, but we always remained united as a team, and I’m sure that my players have improved. I did my best to give my all to the work and in many matches we were able to push the Kazakh team to its limits, because we always put our hearts into the game,” said Beranek. He added that wherever he was going to work next he “will always remember Kazakhstan with warm feelings”. “I found friends in this country and I have left a part of my soul in Kazakhstan,” Beranek finished his speech. First Vice President of the FFK Sayan Khamitzhanov thanked Beranek for his work with the national team. “Speaking about the 2014 World Cup preliminaries, I would note that Miroslav Beranek fulfilled his goal and Kazakhstan took the 5th place in the tough preliminary group. Last year, for the first time since the Independence, we won against the national teams of Moldova and Georgia. Beranek was able to set the tone of the game and the National Team has learned the techniques of European style football, playing fast, compact and athletic football,” said Khamitzhanov. He added that over the years of Beranek's leadership the team “stood up and put up a fight” against strong football teams. “The expiration of Miroslav’s contract in end of 2013 ended the era of Beranek in Kazakhstan. The team has to follow a new course of development that will be led by the new expert to come,” concluded the First Vice President of FFK. On Januray 9, the FFK and the team said their goodbyes to Miroslav Beranek and presented a chapan (a Kazakh national coat) as a memory of his years in Kazakhstan.

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