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Chinese outraged with Chinshanlo's victory for Kazakhstan 01 августа 2012, 20:12

Chinese media insists that Kazakhstan weightlifter Zulfiya Chinshanlo is a Chinese sportswoman rented to Kazakhstan.
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Chinese outraged with Chinshanlo's victory for Kazakhstan Chinese outraged with Chinshanlo's victory for Kazakhstan
Chinese media insists that Kazakhstan weightlifter Zulfiya Chinshanlo who won a gold medal at the London Olympics-2012 is in fact a Chinese sportswoman rented to Kazakhstan, The Independent wrote. According to the magazine, Chinshanlo’s real name is Zhao Changling. However, Chinese media has no details on why the 19-y.o. sportswoman has won gold medal in a yellow-blue outfit (Kazakhstan's national colors) instead of the Chinese red. Chinshanlo performed in the -53kg weight category. She snatched 95kg and then after two attempts registered the world record 131kg in the clean and jerk. Her combined total made 226kg. Meanwhile, Chinese citizens are upset about the country giving away its potential champions, while it has to uphold the achievements of Beijing-2008. Weibo (Chinese equivalent of Twitter) is flooded with calls to fire the officials responsible for passing Chinese sportsmen over to other countries. The sportswoman representing China in weightlifting -53kg category, 17-y.o. Zhou Jun failed all three attempts. Right after her failure state media published the information that Jun arrived to London only because another sportswoman was disqualified in suspicion of gender reassignment. Kazakhstan sports authorities consider Chinese media’s accusations of “buying” athletes groundless, Vesti.kz reports. “Why didn’t they train them? Their claims are nothing but jealousy. Not everyone is happy with our victories, especially our opponents. They (athletes) were living in China for some time. Who prevented them from training these sportsmen? They let them go without any objections. Now after six years and after they have reached high results, somebody is having a greed attack. Why did they let them go, why didn’t they stay in China? That’s why I consider their claims groundless. If we had taken them yesterday and they have won the medals today, it would have been a different story. We have been training them for this victory for a whole Olympic cycle and even before that they have been the members of our national team,” acting head of Kazakhstan Directorate of National Teams and Sports Reserves Aleksey Kryuchkov said.
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