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Boxing: Kazakhstan's Golovkin KOs Macklin 01 июля 2013, 13:27

Gennady Golovkin of Kazakhstan has knocked out British Matthew Macklin with a hook to his liver.
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Golovkin's hands crusing body shot against Macklin. Photo courtesy of usa today.com Golovkin's hands crusing body shot against Macklin. Photo courtesy of usa today.com
Kazakhstan's Gennady Golovkin has knocked British Matthew Macklin out with a hook to his liver in the third round, Vesti.kz reports. By doing so the Kazakhstan fighter defended his WBA champion title. Now the boxer has 27 victories out of 27 bouts, 24 of them with KOs. Speaking to HBO before the bout Macklin boasted that Golovkin "hass never been 12 rounds. So we'll see how he is when it's about Round 10, and he's a bit tired, and he's been shook a couple of times himself. We'll see what goes through his head then." However it looks like Golovkin doesn't need 10 rounds to get something going through the head, or through the liver in this particular case. Kazakhstan's Tripple G has once again reminded everyone that he holds the greatest KO ratio in middleweight championship history and is number one among all the active current and former champions by the KO rate. Golovkin, the WBA and IBO middleweight champion, took the lead in the very beginning of the bout. Golovkin massively outlanded Macklin 58-29 in total punches, and seemed to be able to connect at will. Macklin missed several strong punches from the Kazakhstan boxer in the very first round. In the second round Golovkin kept pressing Macklin with the same strength but British managed to remain standing. Golovkin dropped Macklin with a crushing left hook to the liver at 1:22 of the third round. Macklin was writhing in pain on the canvas for several minutes after the 10-count was over. Macklin felt very confident before the fight. He gave plenty of interviews to the media saying that Gennady Golovkin of Kazakhstan was getting too much attention and had never faced truly tough opponents. "I have already fought against world champions Sergio Martinez and Felix Sturm, in spite of all this excitement around Golovkin he is far behind them in terms of real career achievements," Macklin said earlier. He changes his opinion of the champion after the fight to the opposite: "Without a shadow of a doubt, he's definitely the best fighter I've ever fought. "It was a great shot he landed, the left hook to the body is personally one of my favorites. I tip my hat to him; he's a great champion. He has clubbing, solid power and you can feel the weight of every punch he throws. Every shot is hard, even his jab. The reason he got me so good to the body is I was preoccupied with defending the uppercuts that he got me downstairs," Macklin (29-5, 20 KOs) said. "I had a perfect position for that body shot," Golovkin (27-0, 23 KOs) said. "I want this fight (against Sergio Martinez). I felt great in the ring. He never even hurt me. It was an easy fight for me. I want to fight against soon. Any top fighter, any champion, any belt holder....anywhere." The middleweight fight between Golovkin and Macklin was on June 29, 2013 USA time at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, USA. At the weight-in before the bout both boxers showed the same weight of 159 lb (72,56kg). This was the third fight for Golovkin -- the unbeaten boxer from Kazakhstan -- in 2013. Earlier this year the WBA middleweight world champion KOed American Gabriel Rosado and Japanese Nobuhiro Ishida.

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