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Boxing: Astana Arlans flattenes Los Angeles Knockouts 04 февраля 2013, 16:43

Kazakhstan’s Astana Arlans boxing club has secured its seventh victory in a row in the World Series of Boxing matches by beating Los Angeles Knockouts.
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Photo courtesy of worldseriesboxing.com Photo courtesy of worldseriesboxing.com
Kazakhstan’s Astana Arlans boxing club has secured its seventh victory in a row in the World Series of Boxing matches, Vesti.kz reports. The match between American Los Angeles Knockouts and Kazakhstan Astana Arlans club was held on February 1. The American club started cutting the chances to its own boxers to win the match even before the bouts began. Kazakhstan boxers took the lead 2:0 before the match. It became known shortly after the weighing-in procedure that was held in the United States. Astana Arlans captain Samat Bashenov was supposed to fight against American Eric Fowler, but the latter failed to passed the weight-in procedure. As the result Kazakhstan boxer fought against Joaquin Chavez. Iran’s Ehsan Rouzbahani (85kg boxer that is caped for Kazakhstan club at present) was supposed to fight against Bosnia and Herzegovina Dzemal Bosnjak, but the legionnaire failed to catch a connecting flight and arrive to the United States on time. So the Astana Arlans boxer fought against Jamel Reynolds. The American club has become very uncompetitive lately: Los Angeles Knockouts have lost all seven group matches and are in the last place at present. The club constantly experiences problems with its boxers. One of its legionnaires also failed to pass a weight-in procedure during the first match between the clubs that was held in Astana. The return match was held in Santa Ana, California. There were so few local fans and during the broadcasting of the show all the instructions of the club’s coaches were clearly audible. And a mere handful of Astana Arlans fans were enough to shout down the local audience. Kazakhstan's WSB debutant Khabibula Ismail-Akhunov (bantamweight boxer) won over Knockouts' Avila Juarez as the result of a tough bout. One could notice that Kazakhstan’s boxer was a bit nervous and when the referee announced the winner, Khabibula didn’t realized he was the winner at first. The boxer looked a bit confused, but he fulfilled his main task and brought a point to Astana Arlans club. 61kg and 85kg bouts were also important for Kazakhstan boxers. Samat Bashenov had to fight against Joaquin Chavez and Ehsan Rouzbahani fought against Jamel Reynolds. Both Astana Arlans boxers won over their rivals convincingly. Reynolds held out only one minute before he was knocked out by Ehsan. Astana Arlans boxer Konstantin Snigour (73kg) was beating American William Williams for four rounds and hurt him so much by the beginning of the fifth round that the referee stopped the bout. Snigour won by technical knockout. However American boxers managed to open the score with the help of a former Astana Arlans heavyweight boxer Istvan Bernat, who labored a victory over Ukraine’s legionnaire Roman Kapitonenko, who is caped for Kazakhstan club at present. The final score was 4:1 in favor of Astana Arlans coached by Sergey Korchinskiy. The team scored 21 points in total. With this victory Astana Arlans boxers ensured themselves a promotion into the WSB third season play-off.

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