Podobedova set new weight-lifting world record

21 сентября 2011, 15:55
Kazakhstan weight-lifter Svetlana Podobedova set a new world record at the Weight-Lifting Spartakiad of Peoples of Kazakhstan in Taldykorgan, Tengrinews.kz reports.

The two-times Europe and World champion lifted 132 kilograms in snatch. Then she has set a record of 165 kilos in clean and jerk. Her total made 297 kilos. Nobody in the world has lifted this amount of weight in the 75 kilos weight league before Podobedova. However, the record is not going to be officially recognized, because the Spartakiad is not an international contest.

Maria Grabovetskaya, the bronze prize-winner of Beijing Olympics wasn't able to compete at same weight league at the Spartakiad. She withdrew from the competition at last moment because of an injury. Kazakhstan national team trainers said Grabovetskaya would likely recover by the start of World Championship that will be held in Paris on November 5-13. The final national team that will compete at the Championship will be defined after the Spartakiad.

Jan Wei, Chinese weight-lifter born in 1992 could join Kazakhstan national team for the Championship. The weight-lifter is in Kazakhstan now and is training along with the national team. However, he didn't managed to get any medals at the Spartakiad.

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