Muchachos from Kazakhstan to take part in World Rafting Championship

21 июня 2011, 17:35
Raft on Katun river in Altai. ©RIA Novosti
Raft on Katun river in Altai. ©RIA Novosti
Three Kazakhstan teams will take part in the World Rafting Championship in Altay: men's Muchachos and Alina-legion, and women's BEMS, reports citing president of Kazakhstan Rafting Federation Maksim Zimin.

Sportsmen from 15 countries will be rafting at the Katun River on August 26-29. "Earlier we never achieved good results at the world cups in Japan, Czechia, Slovakia and Ukraine and we are eager to do it in Russia, especially since we have have never participated with three teams. The third prize at the last year's Aisan championship in Indonesia is the only good result of Kazakhstan team so far," Zimin added.

Each team includes six people. The Federation is planning to spend around 900 thousand tenge ($6,000) on the trip. The money will be raised by sportsmen themselves. The teams will also take part in the country's championship at the Chilik River on June 25-26 and the Open Cup of Almaty in the end of July to prepare for the World Cup.

Rafting has still not been included into the Oplympic Games, while kayaking and canoeing are. According to experts, adding rafting into the Olympics list is the issue of the coming eight years.

By Dmitry Dubovitskiy

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