Kazakhstan won Great Britain in the World Ice Hockey Championship

19 апреля 2011, 17:51
Photo courtesy of mk.ru
Photo courtesy of mk.ru
Kazakhstan national hockey team won 2:1 against Great Britain in the World Ice Hockey Championship in Kiev, Kazakhstan Ice Hockey Federation reports.

Kazakhstan ice hockey team is currently leading the standings along with the Polish national team after the second day of the games.

The British team was a leader in the first period by score and by gameplay as they won the most number of matches and were very consistent both in attacks and defense.

British made a tough start and the first goal in the match against Kazakhstan was scored by David Longstaff.

In the second period Kazakh players took the lead. At the 30th minute Andrey Gavrilin delivered the first puck and evened the score.

Kazakhstan was attacking the British net for a whole third period. British team defended very unitedly. However, Dmitriy Dudarev finally landed the winning puck with the one-timer after Fyodor Polischuk's pitch.

On April 18 in time for the match against Great Britain Kazakh team was reinforced by the players who took part in the Gagarin Cup.

Kazakh team was joined by Vitaly Kolesnik, HC Salavat Yulayev goalkeeper from Ufa. While in Kazakhstan team Kolesnik received the main trophy of the Kontinental Hockey League.

A fullback Maksim Semyonov and a forward Dmitriy Upper both from Moscow's Atlant have also joined Kazakhstan team.

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