Hockey: Kazakhstan’s team won over France

10 февраля 2013, 13:57
Kazakhstan hockey players at Riga Ice Stadium. ©
Kazakhstan hockey players at Riga Ice Stadium. ©
The national ice-hockey team of Kazakhstan coached by Vladimir Krikunov has started the 2014 Olympic Games qualifications successfully by winning their first match against France, reports.

The match that was held in Riga, Latvia on February 7, ended with the score of 2:3. Roman Starchenko, Konstantin Romanov and Talgat Zhailauov (all of them are Barys hockey players) delivered the pucks.

Kazakhstan, France, UK and Latvia will fight for the single Olympic spot in their subgroup. Kazakhstan hockey team played against Latvia’s team and lost with the score of 3:2 on February 8. Kazakhstan team will stand against British team on February 10.

The qualification match of Kazakhstan team against UK will be aired by Kazakhstan TV Channel on February 10, at 09:35 p.m. Astana time.

Canadian hockey player Kevin Dallman, who has officially become Kazakhstani recently plays for Kazakhstan national team in the Qualification matches.

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