Hockey: Barys refused to extend contract with Dallman

21 мая 2012, 18:35
Kevin Dallman. Photo courtesy of
Kevin Dallman. Photo courtesy of
Astana Barys team managers have refused to extend the contract with Canadian defender Kevin Dallman, reports, citing

“We have agreed with his agent that if the team fulfills its task and reaches the final of the tournament, we will return to discussing the contract’s extension. But the team didn’t reached the final and Kevin, himself, didn’t shown his best skills in the play-off. The issue in question was whether to prolong his contract or not. The hockey player asked for a four-year contract and the sum was quite large. That is why the decision was made not to extend the contract,” Barys president Nurlan Orabayev said.

Orazbayev added that the Club is not going back on its plans to bring in Western legionnaire to the team. “Sure, we’d like to have good local players in the team as well, but there is no such players yet. That’s why we need legionnaires who could pull our players forward. Our young generation of hockey players will grow up with the lapse of time, and they will replace the legionnaires,” Barys president said.

Barys president, who is also the general manager of Kazakhstan's national hockey team, commented on the disastrous performance of the national team in the World Championship. Kazakhstan's national team lost all the matches of the World Championship. “The staff of coaches, led by the general manager, and every single player are to blame for it. I have already said that I was ready to resign any time. First of all the responsibility lies with me,” Orazbayev said.

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