Football: Kazakhstan national team’s halfback signs up with Kuban FC

03 марта 2013, 18:37
Bauyrzhan Islamkhan. Photo courtesy of official website of Kuban FC
Bauyrzhan Islamkhan. Photo courtesy of official website of Kuban FC
Baurzhan Islamkhan, a halfback from the national team of Kazakhstan, has signed a contract with Kuban's Krasnodar FC, reports, referring to the official website of the Russian club. The 20-y.o. footballer signed a three-year contract.

“Promising young footballers is one of our strands of work,” Sergey Doronchenko, sport director of Kuban FC, said. “He is considered one of the most talented footballers in his native country. His early debut in the Kazakhstan national team and the fact that he was a captain in Kazakhstan's youth team are evidence to this. That’s why it’s no coincidence that Islamkhan showed his worth in the recent CIS Cup. He caught not only our eye, but the eyes of the premier league’s experts, who select young footballers for their teams”.

The contract with the young halfback, who arrived to the Turkish city of Antalya to try-out for Krasnodar FC, was signed after Islamkhan successfully past all the medical test.

Islamkhan started his professional career in Taraz FC when he was 18-y.o. He debuted in the national youth team and then in the national football team in 2012.

Islamkhan signed the contract with Kuban FC on his birthday. Kazakhstan’s footballer was born on February 23, 1993.

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