FIFA agent offering 3 new players to FC Kairat

18 июня 2011, 14:24
Kairat's new coach John Gregory. ©Dmitry Dubovitskiy
Kairat's new coach John Gregory. ©Dmitry Dubovitskiy
FC Kairat logo
FC Kairat logo
FIFA agent Donald Barnett is planning to offer Almaty FC Kairat three football players all of whom have spent some time playing in Israel. The reason he is offering these particular three football players is that “Mr. Gregory saw these players play in Israel. All these players played in Israel,” Barnett told English in a telephone conversation.

Being asked why he chose Kairat to offer the players to Donald Barnett said: “For one thing, I think John Gregory probably knows these players from Israel. The other thing, they’ve learnt some nice things about Kazakhstan, I don’t mean just from watching the movie “Borat”. I think they would like the area. And of course they know that Gregory is a very fine coach.”

He is planning to offer Kairat Ilya Yavrunyan, Leonid Krupnik and Moshe Mishaelof. The offer comes in very timely, because one of Gregory’s pressing tasks is to build up a new team that will be able to achieve high scores in Kazakhstan’s Premier League. John Gregory is Kairat’s new coach. He was officially introduced on June 14 and has a two year contract with the club.

The first player is Ilya Yavrunyan, 29. He is a target striker who has scored about 75 goals. He currently plays in Armenia and is a member of the Armenian national team. At some point he spent 6 years in Israel, so he is likely to be familiar with John Gregory’s coaching. “I think Mr. Gregory knows him from Israel, because he has coached there for two years. And he speaks Russian fluently, that also to his advantage,” Barnett said.

The second player is Leonid Krupnik, 31, central defender. He was born in Ukraine and raised in the United States. He is very tall – around 1.90m – and very mobile. He has played in Israel for the last few years. He is also fluent in Russian.

The third player is Moshe Mishaelof, 27, defensive midfielder. He is an Israeli professional football player and has been captain of the Maccabi Tel Aviv for several years. He has an experience of playing abroad – he played in Cyprus for several years, but he doesn’t speak Russian. He is a dynamic all-round midfielder, who provides both defensive and attacking prowess. “He is a box-to-box type of player with strong leadership qualities. He is strong of offence and in defense. Mr. Gregory saw him play in Israel,” Barnett said.

Donald Barnett is a FIFA agent based in Munich. He was raised in America, but born in Jerusalem, so he works a lot with Israeli, American and Brazilian players.

John Gregory is famous in England for his coaching. He worked with such football clubs as Portsmouth, Plymouth Argyle, Wycombe Wanderers, Aston Villa, Derby County and Queens Park Rangers. In the last few years Gregory worked in Israel, where he coached Maccabi Ahi and F.C. Ashdod.

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