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8 junior football teams to play in the President's Cup 23 апреля 2011, 12:26

Kazakhstan President's Cup will be held in Astana on April 26-30.
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Photo by Yaroslav Radlovsky© Photo by Yaroslav Radlovsky©
Eight junior football teams will play in Kazakhstan President's Cup, Tengrinews.kz reports citing executive director of Kazakhstan Football Association Aliya Duissekeyeva. The tournament will be held on April 26-30. National teams of Azerbaijan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine will come to Astana. Kazakhstan junior team will play the first game with Uzbekistan at Astana-Arena stadium. Iran and Azerbaijan will also play in group A together with Kazakhstan team. The 4th annual tournament's prize money pool is $20 thousand. The team winning first prize will receive half of the amount while second and third places will get 6 and 4 thousand correspondingly. The group matches will be held on April 26, 27 and 29. Final matches will be held on April 30. Special buses are going to be provided to football fans. The buses will be leaving from the Eurasian National University. Starting from 4:30 p.m on April 26, 20 buses will be cruising between the University and the Stadium. President's Cup will be an important step for Kazakhstan junior team's preparation for qualifying matches of the European Championships to be held in Almaty on October 19-24, 2011. The team line-up will be announced after a friendly match with Kyrgyzstan team in Talgar. Visitors are welcome to the game free of charge. By Maksim Popov

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