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50 million tenge ($340 000) to be spent on Kazakhsha Kures tournament 26 марта 2012, 16:06

Kazakhstan-barysy prize money will amount to 50 million tenge ($340 000) in 2012.
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"Kazakhstan barysy" champion belt. . Photo by  Danial Okassov© "Kazakhstan barysy" champion belt. . Photo by Danial Okassov©
Kazakhstan-barysy (Kazakhstan panther) prize money will amount to 50 million tenge ($340 000) in 2012. Arman Shurayev, head of supervisory board of Kazaksha Barysy National Fund said this at the press-conference dedicated to the forthcoming Kazaksha Kures (Kazakh wrestling) tournament, Tengrinews.kz reports. “This year the prize money will amount to 50 million tenge ($340 000) owing to the support from Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund. Our goal is to make national Kazakh wrestling the symbol of Kazakhstan like sumo is the symbol of Japan and to make a wrestler's profession one of the professions officially included into the catalogue of the Ministry's of Labour and Social Security,” Shurayev said. It is expected that the final stage of the tournament will be held in the National Cycle Track Stadium this year, because there were insufficient places for audience in Daulet sports complex last year. Qualification round matches will take place in all Kazakhstan oblasts in the nearest future. The final will be held on September 16. The winner will get $150 000 and a golden belt. The second and third place fighters will get silver and bronze belts and significant amounts of prize money. “We view this project as a social one first of all. It allows us to cover the maximum number of talents primarily in remote villages,” Arman Shurayev said. Organizers of the tournament appealed to the local fighters with the help of mass-media so they could learn about the tournament in local sports departments beforehand and take part in it. The final matches as well as qualification regional fights will be broadcasted by Kazakhstan TV channel. Yelsiyar Kanagatov, deputy chairman of Sports and Physical Education Agency said that such tournaments promote healthy lifestyle among young people. 32 fighters will take part in the final of the tournament in 2012 compared to the last year's 64 participants. Two fighters from each oblast will reach the final. However this reduction of quantity of fighters won't affect the quality and visual appeal of the competition. The Wrestling Federation plans to hold Junior Kazaksha Kures tournament in Brasil and to invite at least eight South American countries in Kazaksha Kures Federation. This will help promote Kazakh Wrestling all over the globe. Besides, Kazakh wrestling might be included into the Asian Games program. Serik Tukeyev, president of the Federation, said that it was necessary to divide competition into different weight leagues and to have at least 30 countries as members of the Federation and only then the wrestling could be included into high level competitions. This issue will be discussed in Geneva this year. “It is difficult to include a wrestling into the Asian Games program. First of all 30 Asian countries are required to become the Federation's members. We are working on this. The fourth World Championship will be held this year,” Tukeyev said.

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