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3 Astana Arlans boxers top WSB Individual ranking 13 января 2014, 16:41

The Astana Arlans boxers Askhat Ualikhanov, Sergei Derevyanchenko and Filip Hrgovic have topped the WSB individual ranking.
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Meirbolat Toitov. Photo ©World Series Boxing Meirbolat Toitov. Photo ©World Series Boxing
The Astana Arlans boxers Askhat Ualikhanov, Sergei Derevyanchenko and Filip Hrgovic have topped the WSB individual ranking, Tengrinews reports. The light welterweight (-64 kg) Arlan Askhat Ualikhanov debuted this season in the fight against Baku Fires Osman Aliev. The sturdy 23 y.o boxer of the Kazakhstan team showcased a well-balanced boxing and a smart distribution of energy during 5 rounds of the fight. His topped the ranking after defeating Damian Kiwiar from the Poland Hussars. Ukranian legionary of the Arlans Sergei Derevyanchenko is ranked first in the middleweight category (-75 kg). The superstar of the Wolf has 14 WPs and 6 TKOs. Super heavyweight (+91 kg) Croatian Filip Hrgovic is number one in his weight category with 296 points. In the bantamweight category (-56 kg), experienced Arlan boxer Meirbolat Toitov (4WP) moved down to the second place after Cuban Robeisy Ramirez beat Magomed Gurbanov of the Baku Fires. The southpaw Kazakh boxer earlier crushed Marek Pietruczuk from the Poland Hussars with impressive 50:44, 50:44, 50:44. Meirbolat Toitov is currently ranked second in the bantamweight category and his impressive performance this season is sure to win him the first place soon. Two new boys from the Astana Wolves -- light flyweight (-49 kg) Mardan Berikbayev and heavyweight (-91 kg) Vasiliy Levit -- are also ranked second in their weight categories. The light flyweight and heavyweight categories are both topped by Cuban boxers. In Berikbayev’s case Yosbany Veitia purely outclassed the Arlan with 442 points and 3WP in his record. However, the young Arlan has fought only 2 bouts so far and certainly has good chances of getting to the first place in the individual ranking later on. Vasiliy Levit, the new heavyweight star of the Kazakhstan boxing club, is 5 points behind Cuban Erislandy Savon. The WSB Individual ranking is updated after each fight and the top boxers have a chance of getting to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. This weekend the Astana Arlans crushed the Poland Hussars 4:1 in an away match. The Wolves are now ready to take on the Baku Fires on January 18 in Azerbaijan.

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