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Kyrgyzstan alternative Prime-Minister does not preclude integration with Kazakhstan 29 апреля 2011, 15:38

Kyrgyzstan alternative government Prime-Minister Alibek Dzhekshenkulov spoke about political situation in Kyrgyzstan.
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Photo by Aizahn Tugelbayeva© Photo by Aizahn Tugelbayeva©
Chairman of Kyrgyzstan alternative government, former Foreign Affairs Minister Alibek Dzhekshenkulov does not preclude integration of Kyrgyzstan with Kazakhstan or Russia, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Alibek Dzhekshenkulov as saying at the sitting of AitPARK social-political discussion club. “It is difficult to answer this question. More and more people currently talk about joining a strong country. Right now elite can not resolve the situation in the country,” said Dzhekshenkulov. When asked about which country to join, the alternative Prime-Minister did not answer the question directly, but noted that Russia currently has a big influence on the country's development. Dzhekshenkulov has also talked about the influence of religion on his country. The Kyrgyz Prime-Minister said that more than 90 percent of people coming to mosques are young people and this can have a negative effect. “People turn to God when despaired and unstable, but some of them become too aggressive and no one knows what after-effects it may have,” he said. Asked about political situation, Dzhekshenkulov clearly said that expectations were not met. The same corrupt politicians are in the parliament, he said. “Before, only one family was stealing money, but now 120 deputies are trying to put money in their pockets.” He said that his country's current government deals with small problems, but “no one speaks about major issues”. More than one million people of the total five-million population of Kyrgyzstan have already immigrated to different CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries. By Aizan Tugelbayeva

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