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Zombies and vampires celebrate Halloween with cycling race in Almaty 04 ноября 2013, 14:34

Pumpkin Race - a costume cycling competition - in Almaty saw a lot of zombies and vampires attend to celebrate Halloween.
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©Aizhan Tugelbayeva ©Aizhan Tugelbayeva
Pumpkin Race, a costume mountain cycling race - has been held in Almaty city to celebrate Halloween. Fans of extreme and positive emotions, who decided to celebrate Halloween in this unusual way, competed for the fastest racer title, Tengrinews reports. 22 racers participated in the 800 meter-long Mini Downhill category. The race's requirement was that participants are dressed in colorful and creative Halloween costumes. The mountain route started at Medeu skating rink went downhill along Lesopoval trail and finished at the bridge across from the gondola cable-way base station. There were several age categories in the race. The first one was Vampires for teenagers from 15 to 18, the second category - Werewolves - was for people aged from 19 to 27, and the third one was called Zombies, it was for those aged 27 and up. Only two girls participated in the race, and they were put into a separate Witches category. Alexandr Zubenko became the fastest and brightest in the Werewolves class, Dmitry Masalsky gained the winning title among Vamipres, and Artem Ledyaev won among Zombies. The Best Costume award was given to Yelena Linchevskaya, who was conquering the mountain route in the Fallen Angel costume. The girl received a helmet and gloves with an autograph of Downhill star racer Filip Polc, who attended Kazakhstan's RedBull Mountain Range race. The race was organized by Extreme Athletics public association. It was the fourth race they held.

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