Russian traveler captures Astana from unusual angles

29 may 2015, 12:43
Russian traveler captures Astana from unusual angles - Photo from the traveler's Instagram profile.
Photo from the traveler's Instagram profile.

Russian traveler Arseniy Oldenburgskiy has explored Astana from various interesting angles, Tengrinews reports.

He has been travelling across Russia and neighboring countries for the last two years. “This is the first time I am in Kazakhstan. I have been to Kostanai, Karaganda, Astana and Almaty cities,” Arseniy told Tengrinews.

He tries to capture each city he visits from unusual, but interesting angles. He posts his photos on his Instagram.

“I like the unusual architecture of the cities, unique buildings, and the geometrical planning of the cities, parks and avenues. It is only possible to show the entire beauty of the city by taking pictures of it from high places. This is what I’ve done in Astana,” he said.

At the top of one the tallest buildings in Astana - residential complex Triumph of Astana

“To choose what to photograph I just walk the streets and when I come across an interesting building, I think like ‘Wow, it would be cool to look at it from the top and on the inside”, and the rest is a matter of technique. As for the photo at the top of Triumph Astana, it was simply impossible not to do it,” he continued, “This is one of the major high-rise buildings, which resembles Stalinist architecture and the building of Moscow State University so much. I was particularly pleased with the fact that the entire apartment house could be captured in the photo”.

The bridge across the Ishim River in Astana on Sarayshik Street near the Presidential Park

The bridge across the Ishim River on Kabanbay Street 

Highvill residential complex

Arseniy said he usually travelled alone and hitchhiked from St.Petersburg.

View from the tallest building of Grand Alatau residential complex

Reporting by Roza Yessenkulova, writing by Assel Satubaldina

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