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Premiere of Rodin ballet by Boris Eifman to be performed in Astana Opera 20 ноября 2013, 11:42

The premiere of Rodin ballet by the Russian People's Artist Boris Eifman will take place on November 22, 2013 in Astana Opera house.
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The scene from Rodin ballet. ©Astana Opera The scene from Rodin ballet. ©Astana Opera
The premiere of Rodin ballet by the Russian People's Artist Boris Eifman will take place on November 22, 2013 in Astana Opera house, Tengrinews reports. The lead part of French sculptor Auguste Rodin will be performed by Zhanibek Imankulov and a young ballet dancer Aigerim Beketayeva will play the role of his mistress and muse Camille Claudel. Rustem Seitbekov and Gaukhar Usina will perform the lead roles of Rodin and Camille as the second cast. Teachers from St.Petersburg Olga Tolmakova and Oleg Paradnik worked with the artists before the performance. "The idea to create a ballet about Rodin, the artist who worked with human body and directed his gift into expressing the emotional world of human through plastiques, that is so natural for a choreographer that it seems to always have been there in my subconscious mind, maturing and waiting for its time. One never knows when exactly an idea of a show is born. A study of the famous sculptor's biography and the tragic story of his relationships with Camille Claudel, the muse and student, was the very impulse that pushed me to create the Rodin ballet. I was deeply impressed by the plot of love, dimension and creative unity that ends with a catastrophe," Boris Eifman said. The ballet Rodin is a highly artistic piece of art that tells about the life drama of the greatest French sculptor Auguste Rodin and his young student Camille Claudel. The passion of the two people in love left an imprint in the art but was marred by jealousy and intolerance. Eifman is going to show transformations of several women: the fight of Rodin's wife for her husband and love of the student Camille Claudel, who was put into a psychiatric hospital after a break up with her teacher at the peak of her creative success, 26 years later she dies. Despite the tragedy of their fates, the ballet is not pessimistic; the joy of the creative process in the sculptor's studio and the cabaret scenes with a spectacular Cancan dance make the Rodin ballet lively and emotional. Decorations and costumes have already been delivered to Astana Opera theater. The art director of Astana Opera Tursynbek Nurkaliyev said that it was hard for the classic dancers to switch to the modern style. "During the two months of hard work Astana Opera ballet dancers have absorbed the emotions of Boris Eifman and are ready to pass them to the audience," he said. Boris Eifman is a prolific choreographer associated with the Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg. He is known for his dark portrayals of anguished sexuality and extreme psychological states. The company frequently tours abroad, and has been economically successful. While some critics have received his work positively, other responses, especially on the U.S. East Coast, have been derisive.
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