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PHOTO: The Most Blonde selected near Almaty Eiffel tower 02 августа 2012, 10:53

The most beautiful Kazakhstan blonde woman has been selected in Almaty.
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The first "Miss Blonde kazakhstan" beauty pageant was held in kazakhstan. ©Vladimir Prokopenko The first "Miss Blonde kazakhstan" beauty pageant was held in kazakhstan. ©Vladimir Prokopenko
The final stage of the first Kazakhstan Miss Blonde Kazakhstan-2012 beauty pageant was held in Almaty recently, Tengrinews.kz reports. 29 blonde women aged from 16 to 40 preselected through the country’s regional centers participated in the show at the square near French House perfume shop in Almaty. “The first round of the contest was held in Astana and also in the regions of Kazakhstan via a Skype-conference. There are ten categories in the contest, including, of course, Miss Blonde and two Vice-Miss awards. The winner will get an all-inclusive package to Paris and a luxury crown. It is hard to tell the exact number of the girls who wished to take part in the pageant. I am sure that there were about 1000 candidates,” Anastassiya Yunal, the beauty pageant organizer said. According to her, the girls were selected along standard criteria: appearance, intellectual skills, talents and catwalking. Kazakhstan athlete Olga Shishigina (retired athlete who mainly competed in the 100-meter hurdles; she won an Olympic gold medal in 2000 and many more medals in regional and continental competitions) and French architect Marco Martello triumphantly cut the red ribbon at the Blonde Alley that was made of granite specially delivered from Egypt. All the names of the future winners of the pageant will be written in the Alley’s granite stones. The organizers also declared open the Marilyn Monroe monument. The famous actress is made of plastic; but the light dress that the sculpture was wearing was blown by fans the way it should be. The show started with the Blondes’ Parade. The blond-haired girls in the cabriolets were driving along Almaty streets and greeting the citizens. Guest artists were entertaining the audience while the blondes were away. Then a short Parade of Countries took place at the square. Blonde girls from other countries supported Kazakhstan participants at the beauty pageant. When the blonde women returned back to the square, the jury proceeded to the question-asking stage of the contest. The blondes' answers cheered the audience. For example, one of the participants was asked what the four most fantastic things were for a woman. Her answer was: “A doggie in your arm, a fantastic bag, fantastic shoes and a dress.” The creative part of the contest became the next stage of the pageant: blonde women dressed in evening gowns danced waltz and rumba. The most long-awaited part of the show, when the girls were catwalking in the swimsuits, became the final stage of the contest. Girls wearing different swimsuits that ranged from bright and open to modest and mono-colored were catwalking the red carpet under Almaty Eiffel Tower. Lyubov Lyssenko, Aktobe resident became the winner of the pageant. She was awarded with Miss Blonde Kazakhstan-2012 title.

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