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PHOTO: Dinosaurs exhibition opened in Petropavlovsk 08 июля 2012, 14:39

Saint Petersburg Museum has brought 11 giant dinosaurs to Petropavlovsk city in northern Kazakhstan.
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©Tengrinews.kz ©Tengrinews.kz
An exhibition featuring moving robot dinosaurs has opened in Petropavlovsk city in northern Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz. The dinosaurs were set in Petropavlovsk local History Museum. Saint Petersburg Museum brought 11 giant dinosaurs, both grass-eating and flesh-eating species. Each dinosaur is a reduced replica of the real one. The average size of the dinosaurs is 4 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and 2 meters tall. the exhibition includes stegosaurus, tyrannosaurs, pteranodons and other ancient species made of painted latex and fiberglass with special effects and mechanical devices added by engineers to make them move. “We have decided to arrange the exhibition just in order to make our children happy. All the children are interested in dinosaurs from their early childhood. The exhibition is made in interactive and entertaining manner, so the visitors are not just passive onlookers, they could dive into the atmosphere of the Jurassic Park. The dinosaurs are not only moving, but making sounds and roaring,” the organizers of the event said. Saint Petersburg Museum is also planning to hold Dragons, Waxworks, the Ice Age Animals exhibitions in Petropavlovsk. These exhibitions will be arranged once in 1.5-2 years.

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