Vienna's Life Ball extravaganza draws stars in fight against AIDS From actress Charlize Theron to French fashion icon Jean-Paul Gaultier, the Life Ball, one of the world's biggest AIDS charity events, drew scores of celebrities to Vienna.
17 мая 2015
'Stormin Mormon' Romney survives Holyfield dust-up Former world boxing champion Evander Holyfield used ex-presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a punching bag for two rounds Friday -- all in the name of good fun and charity.
16 мая 2015
'Okely dokeley!': 'Simpsons' voice artist quits - or does he? Harry Shearer, the Emmy-winning actor who voices pious neighbor Ned Flanders and greedy boss Mr Burns in "The Simpsons," said he is leaving the show.
15 мая 2015
New fountain opened in Almaty on Lovers Day A fountain called Su Peri (in English, Mermaid) has been opened in Almaty on the Lovers Day or Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu Day that Kazakhstan celebrates on April 15.
14 мая 2015
Uber offers helicopter rides to Cannes Film Festival Uber is pulling out all the stops to get noticed at the glitzy Cannes Film Festival opening by offering not only its usual taxi-hail car service -- but also helicopter rides.
13 мая 2015
Black Miss Japan fights for race revolution Ariana Miyamoto entered the Miss Universe Japan beauty contest after a mixed-race friend committed suicide.
12 мая 2015
Kim Kardashian launches fashion line in Brazil Famously curvy reality show star Kim Kardashian launched a new line of clothing in Brazil.
12 мая 2015
Selfie-hating Deneuve says real stars are 'discreet' Selfies and social media have been the death of film stars, iconic French actress Catherine Deneuve said in an interview published Sunday.
11 мая 2015
Kazakhstan celebrates 70th anniversary of Victory Today Kazakhstan celebrates one of the most important holidays – the Victory Day, which commemorates the end of the Great Patriotic War, as the WWII is known in the former Soviet states, and the win of the Soviet Union over the Nazi Germany.
10 мая 2015
Celebration of courage and patriotism: 70th Victory Day Parade in Astana The grand 70th Victory Day parade has taken place in Astana in commemoration of the capitulation of Nazi Germany in 1945.
08 мая 2015
Louis Vuitton makes a splash in Palm Springs Luxury brand Louis Vuitton lured a bevy of stars to the California desert to see its latest cruise collection by Nicolas Ghesquiere.
08 мая 2015
Sam Smith to undergo vocal surgery, cancels shows Sam Smith said Thursday he would undergo surgery on his vocal cords and canceled weeks of shows.
08 мая 2015
Soldiers congratulate Kazakhstan on Fatherland Defender's Day Servicemen of Kazakhstan have prepared an original congratulation to make the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.
07 мая 2015
Victory Day parade in Astana: entrance by invitation only The upcoming Victory Day parade celebrating the 70th anniversary will be open to guests with invitation cards.
06 мая 2015
Authors boycott ceremony as Charlie Hebdo feted in New York French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo received a freedom of expression award at a gala US ceremony.
06 мая 2015
Russia to roll out Red Square military parade on unprecedented scale Russia is pulling out all the stops for celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany with 16,000 troops marching in a Red Square parade.
06 мая 2015
Prince to lead peace concert in Baltimore Prince announced a peace concert in Baltimore on Mother's Day after the death in police custody of an African American man sparked sometimes violent protests.
06 мая 2015
Willie Nelson looks back at 'family friend' marijuana Days after a brief jail stint in the Bahamas for marijuana possession, Willie Nelson was invited to the White House by Jimmy Carter who thanked the country superstar for his campaign support.
06 мая 2015
New York party of the year kowtows to China China's march towards global ascendancy has taken another leap forward -- at least when it comes to New York high society and its most glittering fashion extravaganza, the Met Ball.
05 мая 2015

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