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Most beautiful girl selected in Aktau 27 февраля 2013, 20:34

Participants of the 2013 Aktau Beauty pageant catwalked in evening gowns and swimming suits and demonstrated their talents in the show.
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The winner of the pageant (C). Photo courtesy of lada.kz The winner of the pageant (C). Photo courtesy of lada.kz
Asem Toleubay, a second year student of Mangistau Tourism College, was awarded with the 2013 Aktau Beauty title, Lada.kz reports. “I am so happy to win this pageant. Although I don’t have much spare time, I always dreamed of taking part in a beauty pageant and finally made up my mind to participate. Today I had a premonition that I would win the top title. But still, I couldn’t believe in it when I heard my name,” Toleubay said. The participants had to catwalk in evening gowns and swimming suits at the podium and demonstrate their talents in a show. Aimgul Alibayeva won the Miss Elegance, Zhasmin Konirbayeva was awarded with the Miss Admiration title. Alena Silina became The Face of the Year and Asem Toleubay won the Model of the Year title. Aruzhan Nurgaliyeva got the Miss Grace and Aleksandra Steshakova became the Miss Talent.
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