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Miss Kazakhstan UK selected in Great Britain 20 февраля 2013, 14:52

By winning the Miss Kazakhstan UK titles, Kulzhagarova and Sagynbek kyzy gained a right to represent Kazakhstan in the Miss USSR UK final.
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Miss Kazakhstan UK Symbat Kulzhagarova. ©facebook.com Miss Kazakhstan UK Symbat Kulzhagarova. ©facebook.com
Symbat Kulzhagarova, a student of LSC (London School of Commerce), was selected Miss Kazakhstan UK and Ayana Sagynbek kyzy, a student of UCL (University College London), was awarded the Vice-Miss title, Tengrinews.kz reports. The pageant was held as part of the Miss USSR UK contest aimed to unite Russian-speaking women living in the UK. By winning the Miss Kazakhstan UK titles, Kulzhagarova and Sagynbek kyzy gained a right to represent Kazakhstan in the final of the Miss USSR UK pageant. Participants of the contest took part in the contest of evening gowns and business suits, intellectual contest, talents competition and a contest of housewives. In the last contest young women demonstrated their housekeeping skills. They were selecting clothes and offering the jury to try the food they cooked. "Some were wearing robes and some were wearing aprons," Assel Urazova, the contest's organizer said. "Symbat cooked a pie decorated with a Kazakh national ornament and Zhanelya Subebayeva played the piano." Urazova said that the audience was impressed with talents of Vice-Miss Kazakhstan Ayana Sagynbek kyzy. She is now studying economics in UCL. "My parents and I chose England, as this is one of the most developed countries of the world. The level of education and culture is very high. Every day I learn something new and don't miss any chance to take part in different events," Sagynbek kyzy said. "She was very open in the discussions," Urazova said about the participant. According to her, Altynai Karmanova also distinguished herself in the contest. She received the sponsor's Miss Beauty title. Another participant Kumis Bazarbayeva won a special photo shoot. Miss Kazakhstan UK Symbat Kulzhagarova is doing MBA in London. In her free time she paints, make professional photographs, plays tennis and goes snowboarding. "I am far from home physically, but I always feel the prayers of my dear parents and support of my friends. I am very thankful to them for that!" Kulzhagarova said. "My goal is not the victory in the final itself, but do everything possible to represent our country well." According to the chairman of the jury, a famous pianist Eleonora Bekova, Kazakhstan women are very attractive. "This is a non-standard beauty that demonstrates a centuries-old history of the nation and their idea of beauty," Bekova said. According to her, appearance is not essential, but it is a key to spiritual wealth. "Why am I interested in the beauty pageant? Because I have been serving beauty in all its array during my entire life," Bekova said. Urazova is planning to help Kazakhstan young women win the Miss USSR UK pageant by working with them on their catwalks and presentations. According to Urazova, Kazakhstan contest was attended by over 200 people, most of them being representatives of Kazakhstan community in Great Britain. The Miss USSR UK will be held in April. The young women will have to compete with representatives of Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and participants of the Miss Alliance contest. Each country will be represented by two participants. Organizers of the Miss USSR UK promise that winners of the Miss USSR contest will be awarded with a money prize and also offered a shopping opportunity where they can spend several thousand pounds in London boutiques. Photographers promise personal photo shoots as a prize to the winners. The organizers note that Lithuanian businessmen and representatives of the Ukrainian embassy have showed the strongest support to the pageant so far. By Alisher Akhmetov

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