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Miley Cyrus art center stage at NY fashion show 11 сентября 2014, 12:13

Pop diva Miley Cyrus teamed up with bad-boy designer Jeremy Scott to unveil a debut art collection for his New York fashion show.
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 Pop diva Miley Cyrus teamed up with bad-boy designer Jeremy Scott to unveil a debut art collection for his New York fashion show -- a "psychedelic jungle" of animal print and color, AFP reports.

There was no sign of Cyrus's collection of collaged sculptures -- "Dirty Hippie" -- front of house -- but she announced the collection online.

One is a vibrator, which she says was thrown on stage by a fan, with a joint attached to it. Another one is a pineapple, a party hat with an iPod player, a third is a mask with little white bears.

Cyrus, 21, sat front row, grinning from ear to ear at Scott's show before accompanying the designer on a victory lap of the catwalk wearing tight, multicolored pants, bralet and towering black and yellow Adidas stilettos.

Scott's collection for spring/summer 2015 was a riot of blended multicolors, in waves, stripes and blotches mixing yellow, orange, blue and pink.

An orange dress with yellow and blue flowers was paired with clumpy pink boots painted with yellow flowers. A translucent yellow cape was edged with hot pink fur.

Very short, gold hot pants were worn with teddy-bear flipflops, and a green-eyed-monster style face emblazed a black t-shirt and decorated a dress. Skulls also decorated skirts and dresses.

Gingham -- a trend on the catwalk this season -- also made an appearance in yellow, green and beige, fashioned into a mini skirt worn with matching bra let.

An aquamarine sweater had the words "don't take drugs" written in capital letters on the front and "give them to me" on the back.

For men there were gold trousers worn with orange and yellow boots, a quilt or blanket-style wrap and a pink and gold flowered jacket.

Scott used plenty of animal themes in the form of a purple silk strapless dress covered in yellow footprints, a zebra-colored mini dress, leopard print shorts for men and leopard print hot pants for women.

"We're on the same wavelength -- it's like a psychedelic jungle," Scott told V Magazine of Cyrus's art. "I love that there's a DIY feel to the sculptures, which is a part of the look of the show.

The diva told the magazine the art was "a metaphor -- an example of my life."

The former idol of tween girls around the world for her role in the television series "Hannah Montana" shattered her good-girl image when she performed last year at the Video Music Awards "twerking" with singer Robin Thicke.

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