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Magic Astana to blur the line between reality and imagination 22 июня 2014, 12:58

International illusionist festival Magic Astana will be held in Kazakhstan’s capital on 5-6 July.
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Magic Unlimited from the Netherlands Magic Unlimited from the Netherlands

International illusionist festival Magic Astana will be held in Kazakhstan’s capital on 5-6 July, Tengrinews reports.

Magic Astana festival will bring together the leading illusionists from all over the world to produce an unforgettable show.

“Magic Unlimited” of the Netherlands are among the performers. Their arsenal includes a variety of tricks, such as card tricks, disappearing, sawing. They are also known for amusing the audience with their predictions. The main feature of their performances is the interaction between the artist and the show goes that oftentimes turns into a direct participation of the latter on the stage.

The audience will also be delighted by Safronov Brothers. The tandem became famous back in 2002 after they amazed the audience with a "burning alive" trick. Since then, the brothers have been making objects and people disappear from the stage in various unexpected ways.

Another guest of the show is the famous Russian female illusionist Alexandra Skachkova, who has gained popularity during Surprise Me TV show. The TV show gathered the most experienced magicians from the post-Soviet space and Skachkova was able to reach the final.

Anton Abrashekov, the winner of the third season of Surprise Me, will take part in the show as well to demonstrate his manipulation abilities.

The eyes of astonished spectators will also witness the power of psychology and magic put together. Ukrainian mentalist Artem Tikhevich has promised to show what real magic looks like.

Kyrgyz illusionist Ildar Yarofarov, a member of the Society of American Magicians, will show world class tricks. Objects will change their properties right in your hands. They will disappear and then reappear elsewhere. People and objects will fly, spoons and forks will bend, and who knows what else!

Doesn't the show sounds very promising?

Magic Astana festival is taking place as part of the celebrations of the Astana City Day. In addition to Magic Astana, the celebration will feature Echo of Asia International Circus Festival, Konildi Astana [Funny Astana] night of satire and humor , Battle of Cities international humor festival and Astana - Dreams Come True retro concert. American singer Akon will visit the capital for one of the disco parties.

By Dinara Urazova 

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