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List of the most successful Miss Kazakhstan beauties made in Kazakhstan 20 февраля 2013, 16:54

Margarita Kravtsova from Almaty was closer to wining a Miss World title than any other Miss Kazakhstan winner.
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Margarita Kravtsova. Personal stock photo Margarita Kravtsova. Personal stock photo
Rating of the most successful holders of Miss Kazakhstan titles has been made in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports. Alyona Rivlina, general director of Miss Kazakhstan pageant said that it was difficult to choose only one winner from among Miss Kazakhstan holders of the last 15 years. Rivlina named three girls, who performed especially successfully at international pageants and who pave the most brilliant way in their professional lives after the victory at the pageant. Margarita Kravtsova from Almaty was closer to wining a Miss World title than any other Miss Kazakhstan winner. She was ranked fourth among 130 participants when she represented Kazakhstan at the Miss World 2000 in the UK. Besides, Margarita won the Vice-Miss Earth title in 2001. Now Kravtsova successfully pursues a career of a photo model, actress and anchorwoman. The girl was starring in Kazakhstan-made movie Burglars’ Olympiad and became the face of Selective Professional Italian brand. She also participated in the Star Dances TV show. Margarita Kravtsova. Photo courtesy of Margarita Kravtsova Zhanna Zhumaliyeva from Uralsk, the Miss Kazakhstan-2010 winner, is a very successful model as well. The girl made it into the TOP-10 of the most beautiful girls of the world and won the Best World Supermodel title. She was also named the most sexy beauty queen among the participants of prestigious world pageants. 25-y.o. Zhanna is continuing her studies in Moscow at present. She was starring in the music video Girl Classmate by Timati and Love is right by Nikolay Baskov. The girl also took part in different fashion shows all over the world. Zhanna Zhumaliyeva. ©Danil Oleynik Dina Nuraliyeva from Shymkent is another successful Miss Kazakhstan beauty. Nuraliyeva was in the Top-7 finalists among 112 participants in Johannesburg in 2009. At present the girl is the director of Shymkent Modeling Agency and also a regional representative of the Miss Kazakhstan pageant in her city. Dina Nuraliyeva. ©Danil Oleynik

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