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Kazakhstani designer takes part in Paris Fashion Week 04 августа 2014, 15:09

Kazakhstani fashion designer from Kostanay Svetlana Kushnerova has presented her collection at the Paris Fashion Week 2014.
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Svetlana Kushnerova ©Fashion Channel Svetlana Kushnerova ©Fashion Channel

Kazakhstani fashion designer from Kostanay Svetlana Kushnerova has presented her collection at the Paris Fashion Week 2014, Tengrinews reports citing Kostanay News.

Svetlana was born in Kostanay city in northern Kazakhstan. Since her the early childhood, she liked to design and make clothes for her friends. But her parents persuaded her to become a lawyer and study in Germany. Accomplishing her studies there, she came back to her hometown to do what she loved - design clothes.

Her collection was first presented at Kazakhstan Fashion Week, then at Russian Fashion Week where French designers noticed her and invited her to take part in the Paris Fashion Week 2014.

"You know, I still cannot believe that I received that invitation. Frenchmen are true patriots (..) They think that there is no one in the world who can feel fashion better than Frenchmen. That is why they rarely allow a collection not made in Paris to their podium. Participating in Haute Couture is like receiving an Oscar in fashion design. This is where only the top-tier sewing art is demonstrated, so it is extremely hard to get here," Svetlana Kushnerova said. 

Speaking about her style, Svetlana said that all her designs were very feminine and sexy, but with no vulgarity. "These are dresses for public events. Usually they are made of flowing fabrics, lace and various gems. But I took the courage of making the dresses from rough tweed. It came out very interesting. Besides, the dresses are a very comfortable and can be worn with basically any hairstyle, shoes and accessories. I like to use soft tones. I like it when a woman is remarkable, but it is not the dress that should make her remarkable. When wearing an evening gown a woman should straighten up, feel herself a woman, feel like being strong, but self-consistent and composed. This is my style, " Svetlana Kushnerova said.

Today it is fashionable to be a designer, but it is hard to stay in this business, Svetlana shared. If you want to be in, you should either make a commercial collection or take the risk and do what you really love regardless of the current trends, the Kazakhstani designer said, adding that she was one of those who took the risk.

She has brand boutiques in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Singapore. In future, she plans to open up one in Kazakhstan as well. Her team includes around 40 people. And her clients include famous Russian and western stars.

At the recent show in Singapore that brought together buyers from all over the world her designs were in the Top 50 that were presented at the gala show.


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